Holy Week.

Remembering the time of Jesus’s death.

Sunday is Palm Sunday, the start of what we Christians call Holy Week, or Great Week, Passion Week, and various other titles. It remembers the week Jesus died.

It took place 9–17 Nisan 3793 in the Hebrew calendar; and in the Julian calendar that’d be 29 March to 4 April in the year 33.

9 Nis / 29 Mar
10 Nis / 30 Mar
11 Nis / 31 Mar
12 Nis / 1 Apr
13 Nis / 2 Apr
14 Nis / 3 Apr
15 Nis / 4 Apr
Palm Sunday. Jesus entered Jerusalem and the crowds said Hosanna. Jesus kicked the merchants out of temple. Jesus taught in temple. Jesus taught in temple. Maundy Thursday. Jesus washed the feet of (“maundied”) his students. The last supper. Good Friday. Jesus arrested, tried, condemned, executed, and entombed. Holy Saturday. Sabbath and Passover, while Jesus was dead.
Mk 11.1-10
Mt 21.1-9
Lk 19.28-40
Jn 12.12-19
      Mk 14.12-19
Mt 26.17-22
Lk 22.7-30
Jn 13.1-22

And the week had started so well….

Of course Jesus rose on Sunday the 5th, the day Christians now designate as Easter.

Now yes, there are some Christians who take issue with these dates. Mainly because they it took place some other year than 33, like the year 30, or 27. Mainly because they insist Jesus was the age of 33 when he died. Luke says he was about 30 when he began, Lk 3.23 and John refers to three Passovers; ergo he was 33. And if he was born in 4BC, they figure he must’ve died in the year 30; if he was born in 7BC, he must’ve died in the year 27; whatever year they deduce, they juggle the dates till they fit their timeline. Some of ’em even teach Jesus died on a Thursday, not a Friday, even though John says it was Friday.

The longer you listen to their explanations, the less logical they get. Fact is, for centuries Christians stated the year was 33. (Not Jesus’s age; Luke said he was about 30, meaning in his thirties.) The year 33 works, ’cause on that year, Passover fell on Sabbath, just like John describes. Jn 19.14, 31 The only reason Christians try to rejigger the history is because they’re trying to interpret one verse or another way too literally, and adjust history to match. But the year 33 works just fine, so that’s what I’ve gone with in this article. Okay? Okay.

Customs vary round the world as to how Christians remember this week. But in general it’s a week of sober reflection. The death of Jesus is a bummer, after all. We rejoice on Easter ’cause he conquered death, rose again, and lives forever. But we mourn during Holy Week ’cause he had to be brought low before he could be lifted high.