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The “Wild at Heart” kind of guy.

Isn’t God gonna save everybody?

Seeker-sensitivity: Being all things to all people.

The proof text.

The Jesus prayer.

Betting on God.

An unclean spirit in Jesus’s synagogue.

Preaching, relocating, gathering students.

Ritually clean and unclean: Ready for worship!

What’s the difference between a seer and a prophet?

“Woman, be silent!”

In putting us together, Christ Jesus eradicates racism.

The first time Jesus cured anyone.

Nobody knows what “selah” means.

God’s unlimited grace.

When the Spirit touches you… and you fall down.

Saved to do good.

Jesus harvests the Samaritans.

The fivefold ministry. Or is it fourfold? Sevenfold?

Sharing Jesus… with liars.