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The Golden Rule.

Textual variants.

Do you know your bible quotes?

Do we perform sacraments or ordinances?

“I’ve never heard that before.”

Don’t just believe. Behave.

The explosive power of God?

“The gates of hell”: Just how won’t they prevail?

Prayer’s one prerequisite: Forgiveness.

Who’s the Man? That’d be us Christians.


Jesus’s resurrection: If he wasn’t raised, we’re boned.

Theists and deists: The ways people believe in God.

When we’re surrounded by sickness and evil.

Passover: When God saved the Hebrews.

Holy Week.

Baptism: Get saved, get wet.

Misreading and mistreating those who mourn.

So you feel unclean. Pray anyway.

What became of Judas Iscariot.