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No, seriously: When’s Jesus returning? He’s taking forever!

Tongues trigger emotion. Don’t let that misdirect you.

Women and covering up. Or, frequently, not.

The wealthy, their crimes, and their coming judgment.

Criticism and self-promotion destroys. Humility restores.

Pride and coveting destroys. Humility restores.

Tongues and unfruitful minds.

False teachers and agitated students.

The uncontrollable tongue.

Wanna teach? Get ready for criticism.

Can’t divorce works from faith.

Unproven, uncomfortable, devilish faith.

Is our faith living, or dead?

God’s mercy trumps his judgment.

A few tongues to set the mood?

Stop sucking up to the wealthy.

Don’t be all talk.

Don’t just believe. Behave.

Get hold, and get rid, of your anger.

Tongues. And how they develop prophecy.