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Resolutions: Our stabs at self-control.

Read the bible in a month. Yes, seriously. A month.

Three typical forms of church services.

Unidirectional prayer: We talk. God doesn’t. No point.

St. Stephen, and true martyrdom.

The Son of Man.

The fear of phony peace.

Peace be unto you.

Christ is born in Bethlehem.

Growing up with Santa Claus.

Wrongly defining God by his almightiness.

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Jesus, our Immanuel.

The live nativity.

Messiah and Melchizedek.

What’s a soul?

The first prophecy of a savior.

St. Nicholas’s Day. (Yep, it’s this early in the month.)

Easy to shop for.

Vengeful God, loving God.

Apocalypses: Those freaky visions in the bible.

God can’t abide sin?

Sacraments: Our Christian rituals. Gotta do ’em.

The TXAB Advent Calendar.

Worshiping Mammon instead of Jesus.

Thanksgiving Day.