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Strong numbers. Or Strong’s numbers. Whichever.

When the heavens are brass?

“Why do you write all that Catholic stuff?”

The “Forgive me” prayer.


Skipping the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

Jesus dies. And takes our sin with him.

Jesus comforts the believing thief.

Jesus’s crucifixion.

Simon the Cyrenian, the man who carried Jesus’s cross.

Jesus confuses Pontius Pilatus.

Holy Week.

Simon Peter pretends he doesn’t know Jesus.

Jesus’s arrest: His abuse begins.

Judas Iscariot sells Jesus out to the authorities.

Jesus prays at Gethsemane.

Stations of the cross: Remembering Christ’s suffering.

Does suicide send you straight to hell?

Jesus provides six kegs for a drunken party.

“What’s God’s secret, evil plan for my life?”

When God turns off the warm fuzzy feelings.

The cycle: The good old days, and the dark times.

The bargain with God.

Be kind. For once.

Jesus gains his first four students.

Sovereignty: God’s our king. Not our puppet master.

How to study your bible.