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Sheep-stealing: “Hey, those were our sheep!”

Jesus still appears to people, y’know.

Is our faith living, or dead?

People who can’t see. (Yet think they can.)

When Jesus says, “I don’t know you.”

Watch out for the fake prophets.

The narrow gate. Or door. Either way, tricky to get in.

“Who’s in charge of these bloggers?”

God’s mercy trumps his judgment.

The age of accountability?

A few tongues to set the mood?

Coming to God with empty hands. Much as you don’t wanna.

Humor, sarcasm, irony, mockery, me.

Stop sucking up to the wealthy.

Church-shopping. ’Cause sometimes you need a new church.

Justification: How God considers us right with him.

Needlessly long and wild prayers.

When I became a theologian.

Don’t be all talk.

Are you experienced?

Don’t let foreknowledge weird you out about prayer!

Confession: Breaking the chains of our secret sins.

Simony: Christians who wanna make a buck off you.