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The Fish-Sorting story.

The Hidden Treasure, and the Valuable Pearl stories.

The Yeast in Dough story.

Hyperbole. So I don’t have to explain it a billion times.

The Mustard Seed story.

Modalism: The illusion of three persons in one God.

The immature prophet.

Submission. It’s not domination.

Praying when we suck at prayer.

The wealthy, their crimes, and their coming judgment.

Arianism: One God—and Jesus isn’t quite him.

Free will. And God’s free will.

Sometimes you shouldn’t say amen.

Hurricanes and bad theodicy.

How we treat enemies—and how we oughta.

One God—but not interpreted through Jesus.

The Wheat and Weeds story.

“Devotions”: Times we especially focus on God.

The Nashville Statement, and sexism.

“Tough love”: Anger disguised as love.