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Is faith a gift?

Our holiness and God’s holiness.

Fake goodness. (Yes, it can be faked.)

Be good. It’s what God expects of his kids.

Humility, and the “cage-stage” Christian.

Patience. Or longsuffering. Either.

Submission. It’s not domination.

“Tough love”: Anger disguised as love.

Christian jerks.

False teachers and agitated students.

The uncontrollable tongue.

Don’t be all talk.

Don’t just believe. Behave.

Get hold, and get rid, of your anger.

Love—as described in the Old Testament.

It’s 4 January. It’s still Christmas. And this fact annoys you.

Resolutions: Our stabs at self-control.

The fear of phony peace.

Peace be unto you.

The supernatural without the Spirit’s fruit.