How feedback works around here.

As you might’ve noticed, I have an email link on TXAB, and each article has a comments section. So if you wanna send me a note, ask a question, or comment on a post, feel free.


If you’ve ever bothered to read the comments on YouTube videos—and I really don’t recommend it—you’ll notice a lot of them are stupid and awful. Because people are awful, as you already knew. Let ’em post whatever they want, with no moderation, with no accountability, and you’ll get the very worst of humanity.

Even among Christians. Christianity Today finally got rid of their comments section last year because the commenters were consistently acting far, far less than Christian.

My previous blogs didn’t always allow me to moderate comments—nor moderate them easily. TXAB uses Disqus, so now I can easily moderate ’em, and do. When anyone comments in any way I consider less than Christian, I’ll edit or remove the comment. Do it twice and I’ll block the commenter.

You can repent and appeal, and I might relent. It’s happened in the past. Wish it happened in every case. But it doesn’t.

You can defend yourself by appealing to freedom of expression, which I of course believe in. Thing is, my deleting or blocking your expression doesn’t stop you from expressing yourself. You’re entirely free to do so. Just not here. TXAB is my blog about following Christ Jesus, and as such it’s gonna reflect my view—or Christ’s view, as best as I can figure him out. If I don’t feel your view contributes to that, I’m gonna tweak it or remove it.

Other circumstances under which I’ll edit or remove a comment:

  • It’s really long. You wrote pages. You wrote more than I did. Yeesh. Learn to summarize.
  • You linked to a website which I simply don’t want this blog linking to.
  • Spam: You’re trying to advertise a product (or you’re a ’bot trying to advertise a product) in your post. “Products” can also include your blog. I usually don’t mind if people link to their own blogs if that’s where they explain their point of view in greater detail; I do that too. But I feel the entire point of your comment is self-promotion, delete delete delete.
  • Non-sequiturs: The comment’s about a topic which has nothing to do with the article. Or you went off on a tangent and never came home. Either way.

Lastly—and that leads me to my next point—if you post questions, I may remove them if I think they warrant their own post. ’Cause I’ll include them in their own post.

Questions and requests.

Sometimes people have requested that I write on a particular topic. That’s fine. Just throw me an email: “Could you write about [something Christ-related]?” and I may get to it eventually. Or I may not wanna, but you never know.

More often people email me with questions. And I really oughta post some of those answers here, because they’re not the only Christians with those questions. So those’ll become articles also.

Here’s where I warn you: I treat every TXAB-related email as public correspondence. In other words, I might quote, or publish, your email. If you’d really rather I didn’t, please say so. I rarely include full names—and people don’t always give them anyway. But I’m not trying to embarrass anyone. (Even if you kinda need it.)

If questions have a short answer, as a lot of them do, I’ll just have to post a Mailbox article and throw ’em all in there.

Like the fine print on most websites, I reserve the right to change my policies whenever they’re no longer working. But so far, sounds good.

Email any questions or comments right here.