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Should you lead a small group?

Basically, get over yourself. If your church doesn’t have a small group to join—or does, but not the sort of small group you’d really like to join—you do realize you can start one, right? They’re not at all hard to start. I’ve started many. Pick some people whom you’d like to involved in your group, pick a time and place, and start meeting. Since you’re doing this above board (right?) let your church leadership know you’re meeting, but otherwise that’s all it really takes. There are only three things that’d prevent you from starting such a group: YOU. You don’t wanna run one, don’t have the time, or don’t feel you’re qualified. YOUR PEOPLE. They don’t wanna come. Or they’re awful. YOUR CHURCH LEADERS. They don’t want one. I’ll deal with each of these issues in turn. First, let’s talk about you . A lot of Christians would love certain ministries to exist in their churches… but they don’t. ’Cause reasons. They might cost money, or the church lacks proper facilities,

Small groups. Are you in one?

If you’re not truly interacting with fellow Christians, you need to be. Jesus feels it necessary for his followers to have a support system. That’s why he invented the church. That’s why we gotta go to church. We need family: Sisters and brothers in Christ with similar experiences, who’ve been through what we’re going through, who can aid and encourage us. We’re not meant to go it alone! But many churches are so large, it’s really easy to be alone anyway . Sunday morning services are where we’re meant to worship God together, as a group. But they’re seldom set up to be interactive. Interaction slows things down, y’know. And when a church is full of non-social or antisocial people, they kinda like things that way: They can go to church, talk to no one, never share, never get to know one another, never give a testimony. They’ll sing with the music, listen to the preacher, take holy communion, and that’s it: They didn’t interact with one another. Just with God… assuming they aren