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What, you thought there were only 10 commandments?

God’s 613 commands, and how Christians treat them. Most Christians are familiar with the fact there are 10 commandments. Ex 20.1-17 Not so familiar with the actual 10 commands, but we do tend to know there are 10 of them, and it wouldn’t hurt to live by them. In fact the politically-minded among us think it’d be a good idea for the whole of the United States to live by them… although it’s a bit of a puzzler how we might simultaneously enforce “You’ll have no other gods before me” Ex 20.3 and “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” Amendment 1 Some of us have also heard the idea there are 12 commandments. Where’d the extra two come from? Well, someone once asked Jesus his opinion on the greatest command. Mark 12.28-31 KWL 28 One of the scribes was standing there listening to the discussion. Recognizing how well Jesus answered the Sadducees , he asked him, “Which command is first of all?” 29 Jesus gave this answer: “First is, ‘Listen Israe