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Intercession: Praying for others… and answering for God.

I’m a self-discoverer? Not really.

Deaf ears aren’t opportunities.

Who runs the church?

Prophetic interpretation: “God told me it means this!”

Praying for rulers.

Footprints. (My version.)

Don’t judge… by double standards.

Shekhinah: Everybody’s favorite non-biblical Hebrew word.

Apostles: Those whom Jesus sends out to do his work.

Using your imagination to meditate.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr.® day!

Worrying has no place in God’s kingdom.

Love—as described in the Old Testament.

Generational curses and fearful Christians.

When two or three gather in Jesus’s name.

Tattoos require commitment.

Epiphany: When Jesus was revealed to the world.

Carrot-and-stick evangelism. (Mostly stick.)

It’s 4 January. It’s still Christmas. And this fact annoys you.

The Daniel fast.

Good and bad bible translations.