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Heavily investing time in bad theology.

Miracles: Actual acts of God.

Yahweh. (Or Jehovah. Either way.)

Wrongly defining God by his almightiness.

The Apostles Creed.

Humility, and the “cage-stage” Christian.

The bible: An inspired anthology.

The ungracious “doctrines of grace.”

God reveals himself through prayer.

Pantheism: God is everything, and everything is God.

Modalism: The illusion of three persons in one God.

Arianism: One God—and Jesus isn’t quite him.

One God—but not interpreted through Jesus.

Unitarians: Those who insist God’s not three.

Jesus, and heretic theories about his identity.

Jesus is Yahweh. Yahweh is Jesus.

Jesus still appears to people, y’know.

Justification: How God considers us right with him.

Don’t let foreknowledge weird you out about prayer!

General revelation: How to (wrongly) deduce God from nature.