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Set your hearts for Jesus’s return.

Apostasy before the second coming.

No, seriously: When’s Jesus returning? He’s taking forever!

When Jesus got raptured.

When is Jesus returning?

The Son of Man’s returning. And everyone will see it.

Jesus describes his second coming.

The TXAB Advent Calendar.

It’s 4 January. It’s still Christmas. And this fact annoys you.

The Son of Man.

Christ is born in Bethlehem.

Jesus, our Immanuel.

Messiah and Melchizedek.

The first prophecy of a savior.

The TXAB Advent Calendar.

The magi and the monstrous king.

The prophets who recognized Jesus.

The sheep-herders’ vision of the angels.

Christ the Savior is born.

How Joseph became Jesus’s father.