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Christian leadership and age discrimination.

Deacons: Those who serve the church.

What does your church believe?—your REAL church.

Why skipping church messes us up.

Liturgy: A formula for worship.

Women and covering up. Or, frequently, not.

How we treat enemies—and how we oughta.

Do you trust your church’s leadership?

Telling your pastor you’re leaving.

Touch not the Lord’s anointed.

False teachers and agitated students.

Wanna teach? Get ready for criticism.

Sheep-stealing: “Hey, those were our sheep!”

Church-shopping. ’Cause sometimes you need a new church.

Simony: Christians who wanna make a buck off you.

Do we perform sacraments or ordinances?

Baptism: Get saved, get wet.

So… how do churches pay for stuff?

Who runs the church?

Apostles: Those whom Jesus sends out to do his work.