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You realize other religions have their own apologetics, right?

Sharing Jesus and sucky Christians.

Sharing Jesus… with the next town.

“Train up a child…”

“I stand at the door and knock.”

Christian jerks.

Sheep-stealing: “Hey, those were our sheep!”

Deaf ears aren’t opportunities.

Carrot-and-stick evangelism. (Mostly stick.)

Don’t just raise your kids Christian. Share Jesus with them.

“Can I pray for you?”

We’re not the only ones who do grace, y’know.

How your politics will kill your testimony.

Does God actually do anything in your testimony?

Seeker-sensitivity: Being all things to all people.

Jesus harvests the Samaritans.

Sharing Jesus… with liars.

Sharing. Not proselytizing.

“Spiritual… but not religious.”

When pagans believe they’re Christian.