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Prayer… and morning people. (Groan.)

The rapture. Yes, there is one.

Jesus’s easy victory over the devil.

Why leave your church?

When pagans believe they’re Christian.

Denominations: When churches network.

Meditation, and the fear of evil spirits.

Kicking ass for Jesus. (Don’t.)

The baptism of Jesus. And adoption. And anointing.

Wanna become a prophet?

The disobedient Christian.

Patriarchy: When fathers ruled the earth.

The kingdom of God. Or kingdom of heaven. Same thing.

Love and romance.

John the baptist’s message for everyone else.

The Nicene Creed.

Step one: Admit we have a problem, and need God’s help.

Really don’t wanna go to church.

Read the bible over Lent.

The sort of poetry which doesn’t rhyme.

John the baptist’s message for the religious.

When faith gets shaken. (Not if. When.)

What, you thought there were only 10 commandments?

Judge not. Or judge. Depends on the context.

What about those Christians who pray to saints?